Bring Yoga To Your Workplace

Are you interested in bringing yoga to your business or place of employment to help support the wellbeing of your employees? Did you know that most insurance companies reimburse health related expenses like yoga for their employees? 

There are many benefits of yoga. Some of those benefits include improved brain function, lower long term risk of heat disease, reduced anxiety and more. Yoga provides a fun way for your employees to get exercise and improve their health. Bring your team to our yoga studio, or have our team go to your office for an on-site yoga lessons.

Corporate Wellness Program Statistics

A 2017 survey shows that employers offering a wellness program have found…


Reported increase in productivity


Experiencing financial sustainability & growth

> 50%

Reduction in absenteeism

Woman doing yoga at work in an on-site corporate job yoga class.
Woman sitting down getting ready for yoga at work from one of our yoga instructors.
A woman doing a yoga pose during a yoga lesson at work.

Corporate Yoga Reviews

I work in a fast paced office that is technology focused and live a busy ‘always on’ life. When I take a break during the day to practice yoga, it is an opportunity for me to disconnect with technology, and reconnect with me. I come out revived, relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of my day with a clear, calm mind.

– Charmon

We love having floo-id YOGA yoga provide us with a class each week. As the time has gone on more people have grown to love yoga, even those who had never practiced a day in their lives. Our instructor is very good a modifying each pose for our employees abilities. Many people now attend yoga weekly just to help relieve some stress of their day-to-day here in the office. I would recommend floo-id YOGA’s corporate program to anyone interested in trying yoga. They are wonderful and truly make yoga an enjoyable experience for everyone.


The corporate yoga offered at floo-id YOGA is a perfect way to squeeze some yoga into a busy schedule. Taking a mid-day break from sitting at my desk is good for both my body and my mind. I always return to work more relaxed and better prepared to face the challenges of the afternoon, thanks to the amazing instructors!

– Janice

Each student is encouraged to have the freedom to learn and I am able to grow at my own pace. Our teacher is approachable, welcoming, and fosters a sense of a community that makes going to class more meaningful. The entire environment brings about a sense of calmness and focus that has benefits way beyond the mat.


I have a tough time unplugging from technology. It’s my day job and my evening hobby, so there’s always a project I can be working on. Yoga gives me something entirely different to get lost in for a little while every day and that time apart helps me feel calmer, more focused, and physically energized. Unsurprisingly, that helps me do better work when I plug back in. Win/win.